Academic courses offered by us

LIMS is the first of its kind in India to start multifarious activities in the field of paramedical science, and Allied Health Science.

We offer several UGC Courses, Diploma courses and other academic courses to make our students to choose their career path of their own choice.

Degree Courses

Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Technology

Bachelor in Medical Radiology Technology

Bachelor in Emergency Medical Technology

Bachelor in Operation Theatre Technology Nursing

P. B. Nursing


Diploma Courses

Diploma in Operation Theatre technology

Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology

Diploma in X-ray and Imaging Technology

Diploma in Trauma care and Casualty Technology

Diploma in General Health care and Maternity Assistant

Diploma in Medical Equipment Technology

Diploma in Accident and Emergency Technology

Diploma in Critical Care Management

Diploma in First aid and Patient Care

Diploma in Medical Record Science

Diploma in Anaesthesia technology

Diploma in Dialysis Technology

Diploma in Physician Assistant

Diploma in ECG Technician

Diploma in Patient Care

Technical Courses

ICU Technical

Dental Technician

MIR Scan Technician

OT Technician

Dialysis Technician

Ward Technician

Ophthalmic Assistant

ECG Technician