Chairman's Message

Great career stands with the hands of great people. What our Chairman says about the Institution.

Education is one of the most important tools to uplift humane values. Thereby it also provides a chord of harmonious relationships between the different sections of our society. It strengthens the national unity as well as international understanding among the different countries of the world.The importance of education is to wisely command human beings from the very ancient times till date. This most valuable aspect of education will continue to move ahead and ahead for eternity . In present times there are plenty of challenges before mankind. These challenges can be overcome by doing hard work and developing industrious habits among the society’s learners. Now there is no place for carelessness and ignorance but only rapid achievement for newer and newer stakes.

The real meaning of development and progress is to do some wonders in different spheres of our lives. One must have a strong desire in mind to become the centre of attraction of others. This motto can only be achieved when there is total awareness of the mind. By meaning this we have to develop the hidden values of our mind, body and spirit. This all is within our justified approach while concerning only with educational understanding and its widespread flow of knowledge. The coming future shows that quality education being a very essential tool of progression drives in for all human welfare for the modern society. This is more so specifically in the fields of different professions and technical training.

All this I hope will lead to achievement of our primary goal of shaping the future of our students through Knowledge. Because a commitment you make to yourself and your future, it is a choice you make when you come to the realization that knowledge is power & the power of the future lies with those who are prepared to handle the challenges. I assure you that our faculty & staff will be there to make certain that you gain the education you need in order to succeed, not only at U-IPSAR but in your chosen place of professional career.

My best wishes for a rewarding educational experience.