Defeat COVID19 with Safe Living

In the US we accustomed sleep in just a couple of years ago, the general public health reporting of communicable diseases both bacterial and viral was such a really different picture from what we’re seeing on the news today. we’d like to think about the vast number of individuals who aren’t being tested and realize how very more people are literally sick with the coronavirus COVID19 or are positive carriers spreading the disease faster than we will continue . That number is one we will only estimate in our minds. But the purpose is, the important picture of this disease is far grimmer than we all know – and than we’ll ever know.
N95 respirator
N95 respirator

These tremendously deflated numbers are getting used to support the so-called preparation for what they tried to call a hoax. The numbers tell a story of why we received far fewer tests than we’d like also because the ridiculous amount of PPE and ventilators. It’s propaganda getting used to undertake to convince us we’re almost able to ramp us business again and set about our lives as was common by April 12.

Medical experts and doctors and nurses on the front lines paint a really different picture and are clamoring for PPE to guard themselves and help prevent the spread of this deadly virus. there’s an enormous unfilled demand for ventilators needed to save lots of the foremost critical patients. Sane minds in government are pressing for stricter guidelines and more cooperation from the general public to remain home and stop shedding virus everywhere .

Testing isn’t everything

In the reality of the US today, testing is way smaller . we’ve all been taught to assume most are infected and to require necessary precautions and act accordingly. We learned these lessons a few years ago starting with the Aids then the Ebola epidemics. It’s not rocket science, it’s nursing science! Use your critical thinking skills!!! It’s time to calm the nerves and continue and work to eradicate this enemy. there’s NO treatment except a ventilator for those in dire condition. we will only treat the symptoms of cough and fever and possible GI disturbances. And even then we perhaps run the danger of masking worsening symptoms. Comfort care is important . Sanitary conditions are absolutely necessary. Quarantining or isolating is common sense! PREVENTION is vital to containing this virus and capture .

Much of the care can and will be wiped out the patient’s house in lieu of hospitalization when possible by isolating the patient in one room and minimizing all other contact. Using specific utensils and linens for the infirmed only. Washing them separately in predicament and soap. Maintain their hydration, nutrition and confirm they sleep the maximum amount as their body requires. Oxygen and nebulizers could also be utilized in the house and a home health nurse should be assigned to form visits to assess and supervise the care. If we will keep the hospitalizations just for the sickest patients we will better manage the crisis.

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