Etiquette to maintain in Operating Room – for Paramedics

Operation Theatre (OT) may be a department of the hospital where wonders happen. However, to form such wonders, one must confirm to follow the proper procedure and guidelines learnt during his academic training. An OT team comprises of surgeons, anaesthetists, nurse , circulating nurse, assisting surgeons, OT technicians and other assisting paramedical staff. So, if you’ve completed your training operational Theatre Technician course, and you’re able to become a neighborhood of the OT team, then you want to confirm to know and follow a number of the operation room etiquette.

It is obvious for a fresher to feel the anxiety and nervousness while entering the Operation Theatre for the primary time, but all you would like is to recollect your training and coordinate together with your team.
For beginners, the OR is usually an uncharted territory where a novice is unaware of the varied rules and processes. Therefore, we offer you with some basic Operation Theatre etiquette –

  • Have an honest meal before entering the OT and empty your bladder. Some surgeries might continue for extended duration
  •  cut your phones or keep them in silent mode
  • Remove your jewellery
  • confirm you undergo the patient’s medical records and about the surgery beforehand
  • Wear the OT gears (clean scrub with theatre shoes, cap and mask) before you enter the OT
  • Also, your identification card must be visible to everyone
  • Introduce yourself to the OT supervisor, the most surgeon, the anaesthetist and every one present. they’re your actual mentors at that specific time
  • Confirm the Patient Identity before shifting Patient to OT
  • Cross verify if the Procedural consent is signed before patient shifting
  • Ensure Patient dentures or movable artificial teeth are removed before shifting the patient
  • Mark the surgical side and site before Patient shifting

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