Healthy Eating and Long Working Hours for Nurses

When you work long hours, finding time to eat healthily isn’t always easy. Grabbing dinner from a quick food joint or having pizza delivered often seems far more appealing than taking the time to organize a healthy meal from scratch but doing so can have a detrimental impact on your long-term health.

As a nurse, you already are cognizant of the importance of a healthy diet. you recognize what you ought to be doing in terms of taking care of your body, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing it.

Nurses work long and sometimes erratic hours. aged a schedule and eating healthy on a daily basis can seem downright impossible. the great news, though, is that it doesn’t need to be. rather than falling into bad habits, keep reading to get a couple of healthy eating tips for nurses who work long hours!

Avoid skipping Meals

When you are short on time, skipping a meal could seem sort of a great way to save lots of yourself a couple of minutes. In doing so, though, you’re depriving your body of the nutrients it needs. Skipping meals causes your body to travel into fasting mode, too, which prompts it to use less efficient energy sources.

As your glucose levels drop, you are feeling fatigued and become more irritable. It also becomes harder to concentrate. This starts happening within four to 6 hours of a skipped meal. As longer passes, your vital sign drops, and you’ll experience nausea. you would possibly become physically unsteady or experience decreased decision-making capabilities.

In short, skipping meals may prevent a couple of minutes, but the implications aren’t worthwhile . Make time to consume healthy meals throughout the day, and you’re less likely to feel tired and irritable because the day goes on.

Stay Hydrated

Your body needs water to measure . it’s essential for circulation, blood heat regulation, bowel function, and much, much more. Failure to drink enough water results in dehydration, which may increase blood heat , contribute to fatigue, and stress the guts .

If you normally reach for coffee or soda once you are feeling thirsty, confine mind that caffeine accelerates dehydration. When it involves staying hydrated, water is usually your best bet. If you aren’t keen on the taste of water, you’ll always add fruit or flavor enhancers to form it a touch more palatable. Do whatever it takes to make sure that you simply are drinking a minimum of eight cups of water each and each day.

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